Philippines requests deferred rice shipments

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The Vietnam Food Association said it has been asked by the Philippines to delay its rice shipments by between one and two months but confirmed that the export contracts stay unchanged otherwise.

Vietnamese firms had late in 2009 signed contracts to export a total 1.6 million tons of rice to the Philippines this year.

The VFA said most of this volume has been delivered already and the remaining amount of rice will be shipped in accordance with the signed contracts.

The Philippines National Food Authority has stopped new import orders for this year and asked Vietnam to delay its shipments until September because its warehouses are full, according to AP.

The Philippines, the world's largest rice importer, is also the biggest consumer of Vietnamese rice, accounting for 50 percent of Vietnam's exports this year.

Vietnam has signed contracts to export 6 million tons of rice so far, up 20 percent from the same period last year, thanks to strong demand in Asia and Africa markets.

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