MobiFone told to report on misleading sales promotion

TN News

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The Ministry of Industry's Trade Promotion Agency has asked local wireless carrier MobiFone to report on its recent sales promotion program that has drawn accusations of cheating from customers.

The company this week announced a program that would award customers an additional 170 percent of the recharged value of a prepaid card.

The program applied only to 1 million long-term customers, but MobiFone failed to make the eligibility requirement clear, and many rushed to get their cards recharged, local news website VnExpress reported Saturday.

Vietnam's regulations stipulate that a bonus offered by businesses cannot exceed 50 percent of the value of the product they are selling. The Trade Promotion Agency last year specifically ordered mobile phone networks to stop offering illegitimate sales promotions.

A MobiFone representative told VnExpress the company's program this week did not break any rule because no limit has been set on promotions offered to regular customers.

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