MobiFone sets up information service in 5 languages

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MobiFone has set up an information service in five languages -- English, Chinese, South Korean, Japanese, and Khmer -- at 9393 to serve foreigners living in Vietnam and visitors

Free but high quality switchboard

9393 is a free of charge telephone number operating 24/7 that customers can call for all queries about MobiFone services. They can then use their discretion to select the most appropriate services.

According to MobiFone, 9393 now provides information about 23 different kinds of content of great interest to foreigners such as service package registration and use of 3G services, guideline for international calls and messaging services, buying and registering SIM cards, payment methods using international cards"¦

Though the 9393 service is free it is totally reliable to provide customers peace of mind. MobiFone ensures that accurate information is provided through both the automatic answering system and the operators.

Satisfying needs of foreign visitors to Vietnam  

Mr. Dinh Viet Hung, Head of MobiFone's pricing and marketing department said that "With aim to promote MobiFone's best customer services, 9393 switchboard is set up to ensure outstanding customer care for international customers, bring them peace of mind as using MobiFone's services in Vietnam. Introduction of 9393 switchboard in Vietnam is also considered as strategic development step in market expansion strategies of MobiFone in the future.

There is a constant increase in the number of foreigners living and working in Vietnam, thus the need for consultancy on mobile services is also on the rise. According to a recent report of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, the number of international tourists coming to Vietnam was 2.4 million in the first four months of 2013, mainly from China, South Korea, Australia, Russia, and Japan.

Most of them have communication needs like using mobile phones. In a survey of over 4,600 tourists from 13 nations, 68 percent said they use mobile devices to communicate with family and friends. A survey over 4600 tourists in 13 nations shown that 68% of the interviewed persons said that they use their mobile devices to communicate with their families and friends. 43% and 33% of tourists respectively answered that they use their mobile phones to take photos and making video, and access to the websites.

As the language barrier becomes a huge obstacle for most of them, the introduction of the 9393 switchboard by MobiFone meets the needs of many foreigners living and working in Vietnam as well as international tourists.

In the event, setting up of switchboard services to take good care of customers and instructing them on how to use mobile services in Vietnam, including MobiFone, will make it easy for them to use communications services when coming to Vietnam for working or travelling purposes. It also contributes to promote the beautiful image of Vietnam in the eye of international tourist as well as expatriates as coming to our country.

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