Mazda begins building compact cars in Vietnam

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Japanese automaker Mazda Motor Corp has announced that the assembly of Mazda2 subcompacts in Vietnam has started at a new factory in central Vietnam.

The cars are being built by Vina Mazda Automobile Manufacturing Co., a partner with no capital ties to Mazda, the Japanese company said in a statement. Vina Mazda's plant in Quang Nam Province is set to produce approximately 2,000 Mazda2 units per year.

Mazda expects the Mazda2 to become one of its "mainstay" products in the Vietnamese market.

"We are confident that the Mazda2 will be warmly accepted by Vietnamese customers despite the extremely competitive compact car segment," said Seita Kanai, Mazda's director and executive vice president.

"Vietnam is one of the largest markets in the ASEAN region, with a large youthful population and promising economic development in recent years," he said.

Mazda began selling completely built-up vehicles through Vina Mazda in March. The Japanese automaker announced its decision to begin local assembly of the Mazda2 in Vietnam in August, as part of a plan accelerate business growth in emerging markets.

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