Malaysia to raise minimum wage for Vietnamese laborers

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Vietnamese laborers working in Malaysia will have their minimum wage increased by nearly twofold as of January 1, according to Vietnam's Overseas Labor Management.

Minimum salary of workers in west Malaysia will be raised to 900RM (US$294) per month, or 4.33RM ($1.42) an hour, and in the east region of the country, including the states of Sabah and Sarawk, salaries will go up to 800RM per month, or 3.85RM ($1.26) per hour.

The new regulation will not be applied to those doing housework workers, and will not take effect on enterprises that have employ five or less workers until July 1.

The minimum wage for workers in the probationary period, which is no more than six months, will be greater than or equal to 70 percent of the new salary.

The Malaysian market is considered an "easy" one for poor Vietnamese people to find good jobs with decent salaries within, as most jobs do not require a high level of English, education or skills.


Vietnamese workers stranded in Malaysia to be paid, offered jobs

Vietnam has been sending workers to Malaysia since 2002. As of June 2011, 190,000 Vietnamese people had gone to the country to work, 70 percent of them landing jobs in the manufacturing sector.

Around 70,000 Vietnamese laborers currently work in Malaysia.

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