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Professional on every service, heartful on every relationship with the customers"¦ Long Hoang Security Service CO., LTD. always thinks that the customer's absolute safety is our initiative target. In order to obtain that target, every security guard has to try all his best to bring to The Respectful Customer an absolute sure, right as to our slogan: Always on Our Shoulders Is the Heavy Duty Served for You !...

Path of Life Protection

In the current years due to series of establishment of security service companies, and due to the fact that their quality is not good which affects to security branch in general. However Long Hoang Security Still States Our Best Quality and keep well our position of the One among the Leading Companies in Vietnam.

Long Hoang Security is the first security service company which is having plan of building the unique regular security professional training school in Vietnam. Besides that, the company's Management Board is including entirely the former high ranking officers from branch of Vietnam police. With so many years of experiences in security branch, Long Hoang is always making well coordination with the local authorities and polices, also Long Hoang is always appraised by The Respectful Customers that Long Hoang is the one among best vestige security service companies now.

Long Hoang Security Corporation was established in 2000 with 38 personnel only and so far Long Hoang is present at more than 18 provinces and cities with 4,500 well-educated, regular security guards. After 10 years of establishment and development, Long Hoang has strongly stated its business brand with its slogan of action "Vestige Quality Safety". In plus, Long Hoang's long-term strategy is to expand its branches at all provinces, cities all around the nation and then presenting its attendances at Asian countries.

Professional Groups with Quality Services

Different to other business forms, Long Hoang's security service's essentials is "Human" only. Due to that reason, Long Hoang has made standardization of the input teams in order to make strong conditions for the best quality service of the output teams as well. So Long Hoang has strictly selected and filtered its personnel then trained them methodically. Besides that, the company's management board is including high ranking officers from Vietnam police branch, graduated from Police Institute, Security Institute with so many years of experiences on task of life, assets protection so they are so much professional when taking client's heavy missions. Also so, this is one of Long Hoang's privileges in security branch.

As we think, there are so many reasons for the current business to choose Long Hoang Security due to some economical profits brought to them by Long Hoang such as: limiting fee of investment for their internal security force (if any), they enjoy compensation for loss of assets... or non-economical profits such as: they are protected minimum 24/24 by the best professional quality with modern security facilities and perfect & excellent security plans, with good coordination with local authorities and police forces. The most important issue which is: Long Hoang Security is one of the Leading Security Services Supplying Security Guards in Vietnam with Best Quality.

Moreover, the customers can send entire of their trust and to be sure absolutely when their safety is guaranteed to maximum. In realistics of our activities, we have witnessed that Long Hoang's security guards have not only protected their customers but also dedicated for the social safety. That reason is to answer the question why there are so many big companies such as Group TTTM Metro, TTTM Parkson, Lotte, Kuwait Consulate General, P&G, Colgate-Palmolive, Hyosung, Samsung, Formasa,... have chosen Long Hoang.

Diversification of Service

In 2007 the company has been honorably received ISO 9001: 2000 Authentication issued by the United Kingdom for the remarkable achievements on task of security service quality management.

For putting quality to be the leading issue to implement, privately in 2009, Long Hoang has received more than 10 prizes, in which there is some quality appraisal, business effectiveness such as: 2009 Excellent Service Quality, 2009 Excellent Service Quality Management, 2009 Cultural Businessperson, 2009 Golden Brand, 2009 Golden Cup, 2009 Appraisal of Positive Attendance on Security and Order Protection, etc...

However, Long Hoang has still not satisfied with its achievements but always tried all its best to make the new conceptions, new methods, new services to supply the market successfully. The pretty female Director General Bui Thi Ha has confessed her confidences as the followings: Entire of the company's members are making their common devotion for the common target of service to successfully meet the customer's higher and higher need so that they can be sure absolutely just because: "Always on Our Shoulders Is the Heavy Mission Served for You!"

Not only interested in the profession, but Long Hoang also always share the social difficulties, also support materials for Tam Binh, Go Vap, Thien Phuoc Orphan Children centers, etc ...

Besides that, Our Respectful Customers can get free consultations 24/24 via hot line: 090 603 0303 091 738 3838. Meet Mr. JONNY BUI.

Long Hoang Security's Office:

155 D2 Street, Ward 25, Binh Thanh Dist., HCMC.

Tel: (08) 3 512 4930

Fax: (08) 3 512 9661

Email: info@baovelonghoang.com Website: baovelonghoang.com

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