Labor supply grows faster than demand

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The online labor market has seen bigger growth in supply than demand in the third quarter of this year.

Supply increased 12 percent over the previous quarter while demand is up only 7 percent.

Compared to the same period last year, the third quarter of 2010 saw a 34 percent jump in labor demand and 27 percent increase in supply, according to a recent survey by VietnamWorks, an online recruitment site.

"The labor supply has been growing faster than labor demand," said Chris Harvey, CEO of VietnamWorks. "[The figures] indicate that Vietnamese jobseekers are now more proactive in finding their dream jobs."

During the same period, demand for marketing professionals grew by 5 percent over the previous quarter. Meanwhile, the demand for

sales staff and financial professionals dropped, while the demand for administrative and IT-software professionals remained flat.

The recent increase in demand for marketing professionals was explained by the fact that competition in the post-recession period required companies to pay more attention to marketing.

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