Kia reports sales boom in Vietnam

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Kia's success in 2015 came from strong sales of various models including the all new Sportage. Kia's success in 2015 came from strong sales of various models including the all new Sportage.
Kia car sales in Vietnam grew impressively in 2015, surging 100 percent from 2014 to a total of 21,310 units, making it the second best seller among sedans last year.
The brand scored the record monthly sales of 2,781 in December, the fourth consecutive month when it had more than 2,000 cars sold.
Leading brand
Kia's success in 2015 came from strong sales for various models including Morning, K3, New Sorento, Rio, as well as new models Sedona and Sportage.
Morning sale rose 86 percent from 2014 to 8,376 cars, with the monthly number exceeding 1,000 for the second time in its history last November. The model’s best performing month was December 2011, when 1,048 cars were sold and helped make Morning the number one model in Vietnam in terms of sales.
K3 sales segment reached 4,332 cars in 2015, up 30 percent from the previous year, proving the success of its local distributor Thaco in expanding the market in the C-segment, the most vibrant car segment in Vietnam as well as around the world, in order to meet a wide range of demands from customers.
The SUV model New Sorento has also been growing well with an average of 200 cars sold a month, which added up to 1,615 cars last year, up 22 percent from 2014. The model has proved itself a suitable choice for SUV fans looking for refreshing styles.
Meanwhile, Sedona, a model with design and quality breakthroughs, has received much attention from customers given the high demand for multi-purpose vehicles for the year-end holidays. Nearly 300 cars have been sold in Vietnam just a short time after the model was introduced.
Imported car sales increased by the staggering 340 percent from 2014 to 4,702 cars, including 3,951 Rio cars, whole sales increased nearly sixfold.
Nearly 300 cars of Kia Sedona have been sold in Vietnam a short time after the model was introduced.
Outstanding design improvements
Kia has been introducing new and more impressive designs the past time to help its models continue to be among the favorite choices for drivers in Vietnam. Its design team led by Peter Schreyer, the German renowned automobile designer for Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors, since 2006 has delivered various creative and unique products. They have contributed significantly to Kia’s global growth the past years.
The brand recently had three of its models awarded with the prestigious “Good Design 2015,” for the second year straight. The awards are given based on evaluation by automobile experts and designers on different categories inducing design, technology, material, shape, functions, utility, energy usage and environmental impacts.
Established in 1950 at the Chicago Athenaeum Museum, the annual award is currently the world’s longest and most reliable in design. Designers and manufacturers from around 50 different countries are honored every year.
Expansion of showrooms and professional services
Thaco over the past year has been building a proper Kia distribution system in Vietnam with 60 showrooms including 31 of global standards, all providing professional repair and maintenance services. The latest events to introduce Kia Sedona and the showroom in Hue were part of the company’s strategies for promoting products and developing its distribution network to boost its after-sale services in the central Vietnam market, a highly potential one.
The company has planned to open several other showrooms this year to meet increasing consumers’ demand.

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