iPhone 4 to make official Vietnam entry in September

TN News

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National telecom giants Vinaphone and Viettel have said they will import the new iPhone 4 in September as they are about to sell out their stocks of previous versions of the smartphone.

According to a report published by the Vietnam News Agency Saturday, the distribution will be authorized by Apple Inc., the phone's producer.

Pricing and contract policies have not been announced.

"Local consumers have to wait until September because under Apple's policies Vietnam is not a priority market for the iPhone 4," a Vinaphone representative was cited in the report as saying.

Vinaphone and Viettel began selling the previous versions 3G and 3GS of the iPhone in March.

Analysts had said sales of the smartphone were low due to high prices, but both companies have announced that they have already cleared most of their stock.

Viettel said it now has only several hundred out of around 10,000 imported units left.

Another telecom giant, MobiFone, had announced plans to sell the iPhone in Vietnam in April, but has not done so since.

iPhone sales in Vietnam last month were hit by the launch of the iPhone 4 as local consumers opted to wait for the new version.

However, after reports of reception problems with the iPhone 4, sales of the previous versions picked up, with prices of unofficially unlocked iPhones at phone shops rising slightly, local media reports said.

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