India to impose DVD-R from Vietnam

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India plans to slap antidumping tariffs on recordable DVD imported from Vietnam, citing predatory pricing.

India's Directorate General of Anti-dumping said Vietnamese exporters are selling recordable discs 60.09 percent below Indian market value. Those looking to export the discs to India will now face a tariff of up to US$50.51 for every 1,000 units.

The official complaint to the Indian Directorate General was filed by Optical Disc Manufactures Welfare Association

Ritek Vietnam, a major manufacturer, will now pay $29.75 per 1,000 units under the new anti-dumping tax. So far, Ritek has been the only Vietnamese exporter to respond to the new rules.

The ruling also named DVD-R exporters from Thailand and Malaysia. The Indian watchdog group has imposed a lower antidumping tariff than Vietnam as their selling prices were found to be 22.51 and 34.05 percent respectively below market value, respectively. 

Vietnamese firms exported 57.56 million discs to India, accounting for 12.11 percent of the country's DVD imports in 2008-2009, according to the directorate.

This is the third Indian ruling against Vietnamese products since Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization in 2007.

Last year they imposed antidumping duty of US$46.94 for every 1,000 units on recordable compact discs (CD-R) and tariffs ranging from $0.452 to $1.582 on compact fluorescent lamps bulbs from Vietnam.

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