Holland ousts US with top FDI in Vietnam

TN News

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Dutch investors replaced those from the US on the list of Vietnam's top foreign direct investors over the first four months of 2010, said the Foreign Investment Agency.

The agency said the investors were licensed to invest in four projects worth US$2.15 billion, including one new $2.14 billion project, while those from the US committed $1.02 billion investment in the period.

The US investors, who ranked first on the list from January to March, totaling $980 million the first quarter, were behind the Japanese, with $1.09 billion, said the agency.

From January to April, Vietnam lured $5.92 billion FDI capital, a drop of 25.7 percent year-onyear, according to the agency, which said that the northern province of Quang Ninh attracted the most foreign capital in the country with over $2.1 billion in the period.

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