Head of Major Appliances, Asia-Pacific, Executive Vice-President visits Vietnam

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Head of Major Appliances, Asia-Pacific, Executive Vice-President, Ms. Gunilla Nordström,was recently inVietnam to attend the lucky draw of a promotion propram named "Shine All Over Your Home". This was the brand's biggest promotion campaign. 

The visit also gave the opportunity for Ms. Nordström to touch base with Vietnamese customers-- allowing her to hold a discussion and gather feedback on Eletrolux appliances.

For many decades, "Thinking of you" has been the mission of Electrolux. Ms. Nordstrom's visit is monumental in realizing this purpose.  She shares, "some years ago when I was appointed head of Electrolux Major Appliances Asia Pacific, I toured Vietnam and visited some Vietnamese families to see their needs, habits and desired products for their homes. At Electrolux, all our efforts are geared towards designing products that meet customers expectations at the highest level."

During her visit, Ms Nordstrom has learned the purchase habits of Vietnamese consumers and their perception towards the design and price of Electrolux products. Young customers tend to search relevant information on the internet before doing real shopping while older customers seek advice from friends and relatives before making decision.

As for the brand, the customers are impressed by the quality and the innovative, eye-catching designs of the products.  As a standing commitment to Vietnam, Electrolux will continue to be one of the leading home appliances manufacturers offering a wide range of products to cater to all of Vietnam's needs.

* This is an advertorial. 

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