Foreign business community forms integrity alliance in Vietnam

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Foreign experts discuss about the Vietnam Integrity Alliance at a meeting in Hanoi on April 22. PHOTO COURTESY OF EUROCHAM
Foreign chambers of commerce in Vietnam have set up an integrity alliance that aims to promote integrity standards across all sectors and engage collectively in anti-corruption initiatives.
The Vietnam Integrity Alliance, introduced by representatives from international chambers of commerce such as EuroCham, CanCham, BBGV, AusCham, and multi-national corporations in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City late last month, is designed to be a non-binding, voluntary and unilateral commitment towards a transparent, fair and bribe-free business environment.
The alliance constructively engages organizations and the private sector in anti-corruption initiatives and is open for all Vietnamese and foreign stakeholders to take part in.
It will have a mission to advocate and advance principles of integrity, transparency, accountability and good governance in Vietnam and promote the country as an investment destination.
The leadership group of the alliance, which will design the Integrity Pledge, will have the first meeting in June.
In the Philippines, the SHINE project where 1800 companies and 120 organizations signed an integrity pledge, adopted a unified code of conduct and published an integrity self-assessment to help firms identify integrity gaps.
This integrity certification program is similar to an ISO certification.
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