Flavor seasoning market: Creating advantage to conquer Vietnam market

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Hiroharu Motohashi, General Director of Ajinomoto Vietnam Company at the launch of its new Aji-ngon flavour seasoning / PHOTOS: NGHIA NGUYEN

The competition in the flavor seasoning market is now very keen with the involvement of many big companies. But it can be considered a breakthrough when Ajinomoto Vietnam Company launches the innovative Aji-ngon flavour seasoning.

Since it first appeared in 2000, Aji-ngon flavor seasoning has seen packaging change many times with quality remaining consistent. Produced by a long renowned Japanese company, Aji-ngon flavor seasoning is widely used by Vietnamese consumers. It is not only due to appropriate sales and marketing strategies but also, more importantly, due to the emphasis on quality and food safety based on Japanese standards that enabled this product to conquer the market.

Advantage of "˜meat and bone extract'

Besides a modern flavor seasoning plant, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company also built a meat and bone extract plant. This investment makes Aji-ngon flavour seasoning the pioneer in Vietnam in applying advanced technology to produce meat and bone extract for flavour seasoning.

Meat and bone extract -- the core ingredient of Aji-ngon flavour seasoning -- is the important ingredient that helps flavor seasoning have the rich deliciousness and natural umami taste of meat and bone. Though it cannot totally replace meat and bone in daily meals, it becomes an efficient helper for housewives to cook delicious meals for their families.

This meat and bone extract is made completely from shin bones, rib bones, pork shoulder, and thigh meat that are carefully selected to ensure that only the freshest and best quality ingredients are used for production.

To conquer the market

Even in basic products like seasoning which do not suffer due to the difficult economic situation unlike some other key products, investing a large amount in innovation is something that many companies think carefully about.

 The innovative Aji-ngon flavour seasoning

So why does Ajinomoto Vietnam Company invest so much in innovation for Aji-ngon flavor seasoning, a product that has yet to be widely used by Vietnamese consumers? Mr Hiroharu Motohashi - general director of Ajinomoto Vietnam Company explained: "Our mission is to contribute to the further growth of Vietnam and the happiness and good health of Vietnamese people through food culture.

"For 10 years many consumers have recognized the high quality and benefits of Aji-ngon. Due to this appreciation and support, Aji-ngon flavor seasoning has become our leading product.

"However, we will never be satisfied with the current quality, never stop efforts to improve quality and innovate products until consumers say Aji-ngon flavour seasoning is No.1 in deliciousness.

"We would like to contribute to a happy and healthy life for all Vietnamese. What we are providing is just seasoning, but what we are proving is deliciousness No.1 dishes which are cooked by mothers and wives.

"What we are providing is just products, but what we are proving is happy smiles for all families. So we will continue with our research and investment in quality improvement and product innovation to realize "Deliciousness No.1"

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