EVN Telecom to retract 80 unapproved phone numbers

TN News

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EVN Telecom, a unit owned by state utility Electricity of Vietnam, has announced it will take back nearly 80 memorable landline phone numbers that it said had been mistakenly sold to customers.

The company said the numbers, mostly ending in a chain of number eight, seven or nine, belong to a series that has not been approved by the authorities to be sold, new website VnExpress reported Thursday.

The Sino-Vietnamese word for eight, in particular, sounds similar to the word for wealth. Some Vietnamese believe such numbers will bring them good luck, making them highly sought-after.

EVN Telecom said it would compensate the affected customers with new numbers, but a concrete plan has not been announced, VnExpress said. The report did not mention whether the customers had to pay more for the desirable numbers.

Tran Ngoc Tiep, deputy chief inspector at the Ministry of Information and Communications, said the company will be required to explain for the mistake. He noted that it is not usual for a phone network to roll out wrong phone numbers to customers.

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