EVN ordered to share electric poles with telecom firms

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Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has ordered state-owned Electricity of Vietnam to continue sharing its electric poles with local telecommunication firms in the interest of public benefits.

Dung asked the Ministry of Finance and concerned agencies to issue regulations on prices for using public infrastructure so that companies from different sectors can save costs by sharing facilities, the Vietnam Economic Times reported Tuesday.

The order is expected to end a dispute between Electricity of Vietnam and telecom companies that began last year over the use of electric poles to hang telephone and internet cables.

State-owned Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group, also known as VNPT, complained that the power utility demanded unreasonable rents and even threatened to remove its cables from electric poles. As negotiations reached a standstill, VNPT had at one point planned to collaborate with military-run telecom Viettel to set up their own pole system.

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