EU to remove anti-dumping taxes on Vietnamese shoes

TN News

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The Ministry of Industry and Trade said Thursday that the European Commission has decided to end anti-dumping taxes levied on Vietnamese and Chinese shoes after they expire on March 31.

The taxes were first applied in October 2006 after the EU assessed Vietnamese and Chinese footwear as being sold below production cost, hurting its own shoe producers. They were extended for 15 months in December 2009.

Vietnamese shoes with leather uppers have been carrying duties of 10 percent while the tarriff on Chinese shoes is 16.5 percent.

After the expiration of the taxes, the European Commission will continue to put footwear imports form Vietnam and China under tight surveillance for one more year, in case urgent measures need to be taken.

EU is one of the major consumers of Vietnamese footwear. Vietnam aims to export US$5.6 billion worth of shoes this year, up 10.3 percent from 2010.

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