DuPont stresses "global collaboratory' in addressing Vietnam's development challenges

TN News

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Science-based products and services company DuPont said it looks forward to collaborate and support Vietnam's sustainable growth priorities to make the country a better place.

"We are committed to the collaboration among all organizations and experts across all key industries with an aim to build sustainable growth for Vietnam," Farra Siregar, Managing Director of DuPont Vietnam, was quoted by saying in a company press release recently.

With a population expected to reach 90 million this year and high growth of urbanization and industrialization, Vietnam is facing many pressing challenges on food, energy needs and environment protection.

Siregar stressed the needs of Global Collaboratoryâ„¢ to deal with the issues, according to the press release. DuPont described "global collaboratory" as the use of science, innovation, and collaboration to improve the lives of individual people around the world.

""˜Welcome to the Global Collaboratory' means please join us, partner with us, work with us to help solve the country's challenges for a better, safer, healthier life of Vietnamese people," she said.

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