Dung Quat refinery resumes operations after inspection

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The Dung Quat Oil Refinery resumed operations Saturday after a 10-day shutdown for equipment checks.

Nguyen Hoai Giang, general director of Binh Son Refinery & PetroChemical Co., which operates the plant, said inspectors only found minor problems that would not affect operations.

The plant is now running at its full capacity of 148,000 barrels a day. Giang said it will supply 17,000-18,000 tons of oil products for the market.

Dung Quat was shut down on March 23 and inspection work finished one week earlier than planned.

The checks were carried out to determine what spare parts need to be ordered in advance of a full shutdown in mid-July to mid-September.

Giang said inspection results showed that it would not cost much to buy the needed parts.

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