Da Nang primary schools to apply standard menus

By Anh Hoai, TN News

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The representatives of National Nutrition Institute, Da Nang Education and Training Department and Ajinomoto Vietnam Co., Ltd. present standard menus to the representatives of primary schools in Danang city

Da Nang’s Department of Education and Training, the National Institute of Nutrition, and Ajinomoto Vietnam Company organized a conference to introduce the Menu book of the School Meal Project to local boarding primary schools on May 15. The project is hoped to improve school menus’ nutrition values, making a contribution to raising the strength and height of students in the city.

The menu book of the School Meal Project includes 40 menus for 8 weeks with dishes for lunches and snacks which are compatible with the eating habit and popular food ingredients in Da Nang.
“Before being officially introduced, the menu book of School Meal Project has been surveyed and approved by many leading experts of the National Institute of Nutrition to make sure it is well-balanced in terms of nutrition values for primary school students. The menu book will guarantee meal quality and build scientific eating habit, helping curb the issues of overweight, obesity, malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies in students”, Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Thi Lam - Vice Director of National Institute of Nutrition, said.
Along with the menu book, the philosophy “Three minutes to change awareness” is also applied in order to educate pupils about nutrition through popular foods, helping them have healthy eating habit, enjoy their meals, and love healthy foods more.
The School Meal Project is carried out by the National Institute of Nutrition, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company in cooperation with local education & training departments to bring well-balanced and delicious menus to primary school students, as well as educate them about nutrition knowledge. The Project has been started since 2013 at boarding primary schools in HCMC. In the near future, the project is going to be launched in Hanoi and other cities/provinces nationwide. For the project’s second stage, the menu software, which is free-of-charge, will be launched nationwide With this software, schools and even parents can easily approach and combine menus to create many well-balanced menus on their own.
A pilot project at Tran Van On Primary School in Hai Chau District shows that the menu book is actually helpful for schools in scientifically balancing the nutrition values of meals for students, instead of writing menus just based on experience like before. Regardless of some difficulties in changing students’ habit of eating much meat or some parents’ negative reaction out of lack of understanding, the school’s management has been able to convey the great meaning of the project to staff and parents. Students initially had some remarkable changes in their awareness and eating habit, which then has led to the support of more and more parents.
The representative of the project’s organization board, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hung – Deputy General Director of Ajinomoto Vietnam Company – said that this social activity is meaningful for not only the education system but also the Vietnamese nutrition system, contributing to developing future generations’ nutrition to realize the National Nutrition Strategy by 2020.
With its advantage in the field of nutrition and health for more than 100 years in Japan, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company wishes to share its experiences in order to bring a scientifically well-balanced diet to Vietnam’s young generations, contributing to raising Vietnamese people’s height.

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