Da Nang gambling venue drops casino from name

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The Crowne International Casino has removed the word "casino" from its name after government officials inspected the facility's violations last week.

The venue's owner, Hoang Dat Silver Shores Exceptional International Entertainment Co. Ltd, has renamed the gambling facility as the Crowne International Club.

The 1.5 hectare venue, which opened late last year, was licensed to provide "entertainment games which come with rewards for foreigners", not a casino.

Under the investment license, issued in 2006, Hoang Dat Silver Shores Exceptional International Entertainment was allowed to develop the US$160 million Silver Shores International Resort with a gambling section that included slot machines and tables for baccarat, blackjack and other games.

But the joint venture between US-based Silver Shores and Hoang Dat of Hanoi launched a marketing program this year to promote its gambling services using the word "casino."

It claimed it had "difficulty" in promoting its gambling services on foreign markets and so resorted to the use of the word, according to the Da Nang's People's Committee.

But upon recent inspections by the local committee ordered by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the joint venture was also found to be flouting other regulations.

It has 15 gambling tables, twice the licensed number. It claimed it was using several of the tables just to train its staff.

The joint venture also employed up to 1,000 foreign workers, mostly Chinese, for its construction, violating labor laws which limit the use of foreign workers to certain areas that require high levels of technical or managerial skills that Vietnamese workers cannot meet.

Central government officials were then called to re-inspect Crowne. Their inspections of the resort ended last week, but they have yet to release the results.

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