City inspectors seize fake detergents, cosmetics

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Ho Chi Minh City market inspectors on Wednesday found a large amount of fake fabric softeners and shampoo at a factory in the city's outskirts.

In Binh Chanh District, the officials seized around 557 liters of fabric softener in 23,200 packs labeled Comfort, a well-known softener brand, and many empty Comfort packs.

Machines to fake the products and 125 kilograms of materials of unknown origins were also found.

There were many wrappings that carried the logos of X-men and Unilever, the officials said.

The owner of the factory had fled the site before the officials arrived.

At the Nguyen Son household factory in Hoc Mon District, they found many skin cream products that looked like fakes of Pond's, Hazeline, Dove, Nivea and Biore products.

The factory had earlier been found with 1,200 Chinese giant lighters that were said to be highly inflammable and dangerous.

On Tuesday, city authorities had seized from District 12 more than 3,000 imported cosmetic products without any supporting documents.

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