Chairman says goodbye to PepsiCo Vietnam

TN News

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President and CEO of PepsiCo Vietnam Pham Phu Ngoc Trai has decided to retire early after his 18 year career with the giant beverage producer.

Trai, 53, is known as the captain for the success of PepsiCo when it set foot in Vietnam in 1994 and founded a joint venture with local firm S.P Co and Singaporean Macondary Company.

"Trai has played a pivotal role in the success of PepsiCo Vietnam over the last two decades, leading to dramatic growth of our business," said new chief executive officer of PepsiCo Indochina Manu Anand.

For last five years, he and his team were granted four DMK Awards, the highest in the PepsiCo award system.

Trai, who also ran PepsiCo Indochina, began his career as an executive at a government agency before running a state-owned businesses and then being hired to run Pepsi Vietnam. He is now chairman of the Advisory Board on Corporate Affairs of PepsiCo Southeast Asia.

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