Campaign to promote Vietnamese goods has positive impact

TN News

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A major campaign launched by the government to promote the use of locally-produced goods has raised consumer awareness and influenced perceptions, according to a new Nielsen survey.

Since its launch two years ago, 83 percent of consumers in Ho Chi Minh City and 95 percent of consumers in Hanoi have become aware of the "Vietnamese use Vietnamese goods" campaign, the survey found.

It also found that most consumers viewed Vietnamese goods as those that are manufactured in Vietnam, which means international brands that are produced locally also belong to this group.

Local consumers also associate Vietnamese goods with several attributes, including wide availability, reasonable price, wide variety and good quality.

In the food and beverage category, local seasoning and soft drink brands are preferred by 80 percent of consumers who feel these suit their taste best. Meanwhile, Vietnamese personal care and household care products are preferred for their acceptable quality and affordable price.

However, the survey pointed out that imported products are still believed to have better quality and international household electronics and mobile phones are strongly preferrred.

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