Bussiness community hand ministries poor report card

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Various government ministries of Vietnam do not listen to businesses and fail to make their policies transparent, according to report authored by 124 agencies that represent more than 77,000 businesses.

The survey results represent the first effort to publicly evaluate the government's 14 ministries.

Lawyer Tran Huu Huynh, Deputy General Secretary of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) released the findings on Wednesday.

The attorney claimed the review was aimed at improving the judicial and enforcement practices employed by these arms of the government to better serve businesses.

The survey considered each ministry's willingness to listen to businesses' needs and opinions, the transparency of their policies and the degree to which they make information available to the business community.

None of the ministries recieved good marks in the listening category.

Lawyer Vu Xuan Tien said that most ministries don't really listen or take ideas offered by the businesses community seriously.

"Because taking ideas means scarifying the ministries' interests," Tien said.

In the category of transparency, the bodies fared no better.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Information and Communication were assessed as being "fairly good" at making their policies clear and consistent.

Meanwhile the Ministries of Health, Transport, Construction and Natural Resources and Environment were evaluated as "bad" in this regard, Huynh said.

The report said that most government ministries do not make their legal information easily available to the businesses, especially the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Information and Communication and the Ministries of Health and Construction.

According to the findings, the Ministries received the worst ratings in regards to their ability to answer businesses' questions.

Law professor Nguyen Dang Dung from Vietnam National University-Hanoi said the evaluation should be conducted every year and cover more agencies.

Duong Thi Mai from the Ministry of Justice said that laws should be created pertaining to public information so that the ministries know what kinds of information can be published and shared.

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