Businesses give higher ratings to Vietnam's ministries in new survey

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Commercial and residential buildings stand in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Bloomberg Commercial and residential buildings stand in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Bloomberg
Most companies still think they are left out in the process of legal drafting



A national survey showed that Vietnamese ministries have made certain improvements in their business law activities since 2012, even though their efficiency in drafting legal documents still left a lot to be desired.
The survey, known as the 2014 Ministerial Efficiency Index (MEI), was conducted by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce Industry (VCCI) among 228 business associations representing nearly 409,600 enterprises around the country.
It asked them to grade 14 ministries whose operations were closely involved with businesses on the scale of 1-100.
VCCI found that four out of the five indexes -- the quality of legal documents, and the efficiency in promoting, implementing and reviewing laws -- achieved higher scores than the previous survey in 2012, with an increase of around 10 percent in average.
Notably three of the improved indexes achieved 60 points or more, reaching the "medium high" level for the first time.
The law implementation index even scored better, with 70.46 points. 
VCCI said the index on legal drafting, which measured how ministries collect opinion and whether their documents are really necessary, was given only 50.4 points, down 4.16 percent from 2012. 
However, there were still "bright spots" with some ministries scoring better.
The Ministry of Transport, for instance, moved up from the last position to the fifth in the ranking, according to the survey.
The Ministry of Planning and Investment topped the list with 58.8 points, followed by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism was at the bottom with 44.78 points.

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