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When Riverorchid was approached by BMW Euro Auto for a project to enhance the image of the BMW 3 series in Vietnam, the Riverorchid team was determined to go back with something very different.

"We knew if we took a conventional approach, it would be lost amongst the clutter. The budget was modest so the idea needed to be big. We came up with an innovative concept designed to get people more involved with the sales message," said Ian Brown, Executive Creative Director of Riverorchid Vietnam.

The result was a standout piece of ambient advertising positioned in high traffic areas in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi targeting the business community. It uses a mirror where you would normally see the driver. Look into the mirror and you can see yourself in the driver's seat.

The concept has been an instant hit, and was especially well received by Ms. Nguyen Vu Thanh Thao, Head of Marketing for BMW Euro Auto.

"It was really impressive and I agreed to go ahead with that concept the first time Riverorchid presented it to me. This "˜traveling billboard' will be one of the "˜best practice' examples that I will share with my BMW colleagues at the next conference for importer marketers.  I believe that everybody will be "wowed" by it."

The concept will also be seen on a moving platform that will travel around Hanoi with a promotional team to give out relevant information.

It's one of two innovative new media ideas from the Riverorchid team. The next is a performance BMW driver's seat found in top cafes and coffee houses around town. So look out for it.

Riverorchid Vietnam is part of the Riverorchid Group, an independent, Indochinese communications network based in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. In Vietnam, services include above-the-line advertising, graphic design and brand identity, brand activation and events, and public relations.

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