Brazil to impose 35 percent tax on tra fish imports

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The Brazilian government is set to impose a 35 percent tax on tra fish imported from Vietnam, according to the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Processors (VASEP).

Association officals said they were recently informed by Brazilian importers that tra fish, or pangasius, has been placed on a special list that will be subject to high tariffs, and that the Brazilian government will impose the tax sooner or later.

The planned tariff is 35 percent, the importers said.

VASEP said the "special" listing happened after the Brazil National Council of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Exploitation (CONEP) met to establish technical and quality standards for the fish, Brazil's major import from Vietnam.

Earlier this year, the Vietnam Trade Office in Brazil had expressed concern after authorities in Santa Catarina, a southern state in Brazil, expressed discontent about Vietnam's tra fish being sold at low prices, saying it threatened Brazilian fish farmers.

CONEP had also complained earlier that Vietnamese tra fish was bred in unsafe environment, but available at big supermarkets in Brazil, the Vietnam Business Forum said in an August report.

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