Argentina probes Vietnamese aircons

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Argentina has opened an anti-dumping investigation on imports of air conditioners from four Asian countries including Vietnam, an official from Vietnam’s Ministry of Trade and Industry said Thursday.

The investigation follows a lawsuit filed by Argentine association of electric and electronic producers, or AFARTA, charging these firms with dumping aircon systems of than 6,500 BTU (British thermal unit per hour) capacity imported from Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

The ministry said the investigation will be done by its agency that looks after Industry, Commerce and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises under Argentine Ministry of Industry and Tourism conducted the investigation.

The agency will collect feedback about the lawsuit from concerned businesses in the four countries by April 2.

The ministry said an increasing volume of goods from Vietnam were sold in the South American market.

The market share of air conditioners exported by Vietnamese firms in Argentina increased to 37 percent in 2008 from 9 percent in 2006, it noted

The ministry said Chinese businesses had moved their factories from their homeland to Vietnam after anti-dumping duties were slapped on their products by governments Argentina and Trinidad and Tobago.

This shift had created a boom in exports from Vietnam to Argentina, the ministry added.

Reported by Minh Quang

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