Abbott committed to build healthier communities in Vietnam

By Thu Huong, TN News

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Abbott’s mission is to improve people’s lives has once again been recognized by credible benchmark Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

As a member of local community, Abbott has worked with partners to focus on improving nutrition, training health care staff, strengthening health systems, and expanding community education.

Lead in economic and social performance
Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), one of the most prestigious global benchmark for corporate responsibility and sustainability, has recognized Abbott as the leading company in Health Care Equipment & Services industry for the second consecutive year.
Abbott is one of 24 companies chosen out of the 3,000 largest companies worldwide to be named as leader in their respective industries.
This was also the 10th consecutive year that Abbott was recognized for sustainability leadership, through its inclusion on the DJSI, including both the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and North America Index.
In the DJSI analysis, Abbott earned the highest industry scores for economic and social performance, and ranked higher than 92 percent of its peer group companies for environmental performance.
“Abbott fulfills its potential as a company by helping others to fulfill theirs,” said Miles D. White, chairman and chief executive officer, Abbott.
“This applies to all that we do as an innovator, as a business, as an employer and as a neighbor. When making people healthier is why you go to work every day, it shapes the way you think and act.”
A focus on innovation is at the core of Abbott’s business and sustainability strategies, which seek to address healthcare challenges through innovation, expand access to patient healthcare, support patients and consumers through engagement and education, and minimize environmental impact.
20-year of commitment in Vietnam
Such commitment to build healthier communities has been clearly demonstrated in Vietnam, where Abbott has been a responsible citizen since 1995, helping advance the health and well-being of local communities.
The company has provided more than VND193 billion in grants and product donations to address critical health issues in the country.
In partnership with many other stakeholders, Abbott has delivered programs that educate patients and healthcare providers about proper nutrition and a range of different diseases.
These programs leverage Abbott’s own expertise and the expertise of others around the world, drawing on the latest advances in healthcare science. Abbott Fund Institute of Nutrition Science (AFINS) is one of the innovative long-term solutions, which support to improve patients’ health.
AFINS program is a partnership between the Abbott Fund, Boston Medical University, Bach Mai Hospital, the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) and Hanoi Medical University, which established a pioneering program to advance clinical nutrition in Vietnam.
These efforts enhance healthcare professionals and patients’ understanding that nutrition plays a crucial role in effective treatment and recovering. Under this partnership, Bach Mai Hospital has also been leading the nation in clinical nutrition research.
According to Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Lam, vice president of the National Nutrition Institution, the country has about 30 to 50 percent of in-patients who are malnourished with complications of bacterial contamination that can prolong the length of time of hospitalization.
Therefore, AFINS has been very meaningful project that helps reduce treatment period and cost burden of patients, which needs to be disseminated and promoted further.
The center has been effectively performing functions of training and industry guidance on clinical nutrition for hospitals in the northern region of Vietnam. The center has also built the network of satellite hospitals on clinical nutrition, which helps many provincial hospitals to organize and put nutrition department into operation.
Recently, Abbott is unlocking more effective partnership with local actors. Along with Children’s Hospital No.1 and Boston University, AFINS project also has put more efforts in pediatrics, especially vulnerable population of hospitalized children with congenital heart diseases.
Thanks to effective partnerships, Abbott believes that it can deliver the greater impact and long-term value for its stakeholders and help to build a healthy thriving society.

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