A good nutritional scheme is key to a child's overall development

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ABBOT GROW the best nutrition for a child's overall development is now within Moms' reach!

Having healthy and intelligent children is the desire of all parents. However, not many people are aware that the most important stage for a child's overall development originates between the ages 3 10 years old.

Understanding the need for providing children with a complete and balanced nutritional regime from the earliest stage, Abbott Nutrition in Vietnam has just launched Abbott Grow, a scientific-based innovative formula with additional ingredients to help a child's overall development.

What is a child's overall development?

A child's overall development includes acquiring immunity from certain sicknesses, height/bone development and healthy weight gain. Hence it would be insufficient to focus on just one of the mentioned elements. A complete and balanced nutrition should address all of these needs. 

Dr. Tu Ngu, PhD and Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Vietnam's Nutrition Association has revealed that the National Nutrition Strategy for 2011-2020 has been endorsed by the government, especially increasing Vietnamese children's height by 1.5-2cm and adults' height by 1.5cm.

He said that a balanced nutrition with a complete range of protein, glucose, lipids, vitamins and minerals, and especially substances supporting height growth, such as zinc, are indispensable to improve the nutritional status and height of Vietnamese people.

A good solution is to make it a family affair

Also shared by Dr. Tu Ngu, was that Vietnamese should increase their intake of dairy and milk-related products. Milk producers offer richly nutritious formula milk that contains micronutrients that are conducive to the development of Vietnamese children.

Dr. Dao Thi Yen Phi, MA and Head of Nutritional division at Pham Ngoc Thach Medical College said "The child's development is influenced by various factors, of which genetics accounts for 23%; nutrition 32%; and the remaining including quality of sleep, physical activity and environment."

She also said that a child's height development takes place during four stages in their life, including the fetal stage, from 1-3 years old, 3-10 years old and puberty. Of these, the 3-10 years old stage is the most important. During this time, the child does not often show rapid height development and the best food is still milk. One should choose dairy products rich in calcium, vitamin D and phosphorous.

Moms can be assured of the quality because of the advanced Grow PT system

Various Vietnamese moms have shared that the secret to raising their own children to be healthy and intelligent is due to having a rigorous nutrition regime in place from the child's earliest stages of development. Ms Nguyen Phuong Hanh in District 1, HCMC said happily "I am very proud of my 16 year old daughter, who is a very good student and can sing well. My daughter is 1.66m tall now, which I believe is a result of drinking Grow milk since 2001. I am confident that she will reach her optimal height as she matures"

To take good care of their children, parents favor dairy products with premium nutritional ingredients. Abbott Grow, with their Grow PT system is one such product as it is clinically proven to support a child's overall physical development. Therefore, the desires for Vietnam to be on pare health-wise with citizens from developed nations like the US, Europe, Japan and Korea is becoming a reality.

Following scientific research achievements in providing optimal nutritional solutions to consumers, Abbott Nutrition Vietnam has just introduced the new Abbott Grow, with the Grow PT nutrient system the latest innovation from Abbott USA Laboratories. It offers all essential nutrients needed to nurture children for height development, immunity improvement and healthy weight gain, from their earliest stages of life.
"¢ Height development: The Grow PT nutrient system contains vitamin D, Calcium, Phosphorous and vegetable fats with no palm oil. This allows better calcium absorption by up to 53%. An optimal calcium/phosphorous ratio enables the strong development of bones and teeth.
"¢ Immunity improvement: The GOS-supplemented Grow PT nutrient system helps improve digestive health and immunity for the child, and contains Zinc, B-Carotene Vitamin, C and E.
"¢  Healthy weight gain: The Grow PT nutrient system has high quality protein and the full range of 9 essential amino acids all allowing a healthy weight gain for the child.

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