High rents and poor sales, a double-whammy for Vietnam retailers
Retailers in Ho Chi Minh City are closing down or hoping they can since they cannot afford the relentlessly rising rents amid poor sales
Credit quality more important than growth: economists
The government has ordered the central bank to cut interest rates to increase sluggish credit rates and reduce business closures, but economists say the country should not seek to increase credit growth at any cost since credit quality is more inportant than just numbers.
Vietnam loses on ODA because of high project prices, says former official
Vietnam should hire foreign consultants to assess bids for ODA-funded projects because there is a lack of local capacity and the country is losing by accepting ODA even when firms in donor countries quote very high prices, a former senior official says
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Vietnamese builders catching up with, surpassing foreign rivals
Vietnamese contractors have improved their technical skills and learned to make use of their local knowledge to win bidding over foreign competitors in local construction projects.
Vietnam bank lending increases for 1st time in 2014
Last month banking credit grew for the first time this year, according to a report released recently by the State Bank of Vietnam.
FPT plans takeovers as Vietnam software maker looks abroad
FPT Corp., Vietnam’s largest publicly traded telecommunications and software company, aims to complete two takeovers this year as it seeks to boost international sales, Chairman Truong Gia Binh said.
Vietnam victim of corporate tax evasion
A nationwide investigation into tax evasion found 83 percent of foreign companies used various tricks to minimize their tax liability.
Boosting market economic development to help Vietnam avoid middle income trap

Vietnam must develop its markets to foster greater labor productivity and avoid the middle-income trap, economists advised at a recent conference.

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