5 star ice cream maker opens supply chain floodgates

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When the term 5 star is mentioned, thoughts of being pampered under palm trees, crystal champagne glasses, and the best service and amenities come popping into your mind. 5 star is synonymous with the best money can buy. Since 2008, the best ice cream that money can buy has been made by Bellany Ice Cream. Headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Bellany Ice Cream's high quality products are now stocked on the shelves of freezers located in the most upscale hotels, restaurants and resorts in Vietnam.

To get the healthiest and tastiest product out the door and into the mouths of its customers, Bellany uses a "lowest possible sugar and fat mantra". To stay the course and deliver on this promise, Bellany uses more fruit and other natural ingredients. Fresh fruits from Vietnam and frozen fruits from Europe make each batch the company sends out the door, the healthiest highest quality product available. Quality and nutrition are high priority at Bellany. Therefore, the company also uses no artificial ingredients.

With 42 natural flavors to choose from, consumers can satisfy almost any craving with the smooth creamy taste Bellany Ice Cream serves up. The company has tailored its recipes to both local Vietnamese and foreign taste buds by developing all natural flavors in almost any taste you can dream up.

Durian, green bean, taro, sour soup, coco bella, and pandanus cater to the Vietnamese customer. A long list of flavors that target most Asian desires, include maccha green tea, red bean, white toasted sesame, and black sesame. For westerners, visiting the country, Bellany  serves up original flavors like vanilla, chocolate, coffee; various all natural fruit flavors like strawberry, cherry and raspberry; and has concocted all new delicious creations in the form of caramel salted butter, vanilla ginger and Jameson Irish Coffee ice cream; Mojito Sorbet for adults only!

And, Bellany is not stopping there. When asked what the future plans of the company are, CEO Jean-Marc Brutus said, "We have many plans. We will start by creating more new flavors and increasing the proximity to customers by creating retail ice cream shops in many prominent Vietnam locations."

This year the company is making a move into the modern trade market. Doing so is a big deal for customers in Vietnam. They will now be able to enjoy at home the multitude of flavors that have been, until now, locked behind the counters of the country's most sought after and admired hotels and restaurants.

According to Mr. Brutus, the transition to the modern trade market was fairly smooth. "It was not very difficult for us to convince modern trade's main player, Big C, to distribute our brand. We are the main ice cream supplier in Vietnam to 5 stars hotels, including Sofitel, Novotel, Sheraton, Nikko, Hilton, Caravelle, Crown Plaza, Pullman, MGM, Victoria etc. We also work with the most famous coffee shops, such as Highland Coffee, Hard Rock Cafe, Givral, Emporio Armani, 1911 restaurant and many others. This argument was strong enough to draw the attention of supermarkets where Bellany's products will be available progressively from February 2013," starting with Big C.

To experience the blast of flavor and healthy goodness that the high end market has been raving about for years, head to your local food store and get in on country's best kept secret.

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