3 out of 4 flat-panels sold in Vietnam were LED TVs: report

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Sales by volume of flat-panel TVs using light-emitting diodes (LED) surged nearly 180 percent last year to become the most sold series in Vietnam, research company GfK said.

Retailers sold a total of 730,000 LED TVs, almost three quarters of flat-panel TVs sold, it said.

LED TV has 64 percent of the market share with 32-inch models priced at VND7 million (US$335) selling best.

A decrease in prices, to US$513 per unit on average from over $800 a year earlier, contributed to the strong sales, GfK said.

Van Tran Khoa, managing director of Gfk Vietnam, said the TV markets overall saw a plunge in sales due to the economic crisis.

But regarding retails, sales of LED TV segment jumped while traditional TV models shrank their share sharply.

He forecast LED TVs to soon replace conditional LCD and Plasma TVs, which accounts for 32 percent and 4 percent of the market share respectively.

Prices of conditional LCD TVs last year decreased but at a lesser rate than LED, while Plasma TV series saw a slight increase in prices.

In a VnExpress report late last year, Le Quang Vu, general director of the retail chain Media Mart, forecast a downward trend of prices for the market since TV makers are competing each other to sell more.

Two new brands infused in the Vietnamese market last year, bringing the total number to 13 brands. Through the first 10 months of last year, Japanese TV maker Sony topped the TV markets.

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