"Y-Viet' to showcase Italian culture

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A year-long celebration of Italian culture in Vietnam will get under way on Sunday, April 24.

Organized by the Italian Embassy, "Y-Viet" will present 14 programs in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City that highlights the diversity in Italian culture and fosters the relationship between two countries. The program includes music festivals, art and architecture exhibitions, film shows, meeting with famous Italian writers, an Italian language week, and a Vespa show.

"Y-Viet" will open with the performance of famous Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi at the Hanoi Opera House.

Einaudi has performed at major music venues around the world including the Lincoln Center of New York, Queen Elisabeth Hall, IRCAM in Paris an the UCLA Centre for Performing Arts.

"Saper Fare, il Restauro" an exhibition, will be held at the Vietnam Museum of Fine Arts from May 6 to 11.

The exhibition aims to illustrate the history, legislative framework, theories and the techniques employed in several restoration typologies: mainly in painting, sculpture and architecture.

Thirty panels will be shown, with explanations available in both Italian and English.

To celebrate  the Italian National Day, soprano Paola Stafficci and pianist Stefano Ragni will perform at the Opera House in Hanoi, with a repertoire of compositions that will recall the most celebrated period in Italian Opera`s history.

The day before the show, artists will meet with students of the Thang Long University in the capital to share thoughts and experiences about music and the glorious period of Risorgimento which led to the unification of Italy.

Italy will also be part of the third International Documentary Film Festival which will take place in both Hanoi (Vietnam National Documentary and Scientific Studio) and Ho Chi Minh City  (Idecaf) from June 6 to June 11.

Italy will be represented by the movie "Storie di Pioggia" (Rain Stories), directed by Isabel Achaval Genuardi. This work focuses on the theme of emigration, telling the stories of people who, despite different social and cultural backgrounds, are deeply related to each other because of the same decision they have taken: forever leaving behind their hometowns and countries.

In the second half of the year, "Y-Viet" will continue to present more concerts, a meeting with a famous Italian writer, an Italian laguage week and the Vespa show.

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