World famous Korean stage show set to enchant Vietnam

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"Cookin' Nanta", a comedic stage show accompanied by percussion instruments from South , will be held in Ho Chi Minh City from July 27-29.

This year's show commemorates the twenty year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and the RoK and the successful completion of the Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower project, a giant skyscraper where three performances of the show were held in Hanoi from July 20-22.

The Hoa Binh Theater was chosen as the venue of the Ho Chi Minh City shows.

The wordless comedy "Cookin' Nanta" is the longest running show in Korean history, premiering in 1997.

The show features chefs who must prepare a wedding banquet in an open kitchen under the scrutiny of an unpleasant manager. The performance includes acrobatics, magic tricks, comedy routines, pantomimes and audience participation.

One of the highlights is the stunning way the artists use tools, especially the kitchen utensils, to create Salmunori, traditional Korean folk music which originally relied upon gongs and drums.

The sharp contrast between traditional Korean music and Western style performances has made "Cookin' Nanta" one of the most popular art events to come out of Korea.

The huge success of the show also led to the establishment of MyeongDong NANTA Theater, named after the show, in Seoul in 2000.

The hybrid performance has been presented in over 30 countries and was the first Asian show to play on New York City's celebrated Broadway in 2004.


Korean 'Cookin' Nanta' returns

It was also debuted in Vietnam in the same year to welcome the 5th Asia-Europe Meeting.

Part of the profits from this year's show will be donated to support local disadvantaged students.

Tickets are available from VND 500,000 (US$ 25) to VND 1.2 million (US$60). 

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