What if the Avengers were Vietnamese?

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The team of Avengers in Vietnam. Photo courtesy of Quang Huy. The team of Avengers in Vietnam. Photo courtesy of Quang Huy.


Nguyen Quang Huy, a 25-year-old artist, is clearly a fanboy. 
Combining his unique sense of humor and his obsession with superheroes, Huy has created a series of drawings, showing what the Avengers would look like if they were Vietnamese. 
The Marvel Comics team of superheroes, including Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Spider-Man and Thor, have become much friendlier, and cooler, when their body parts are made from objects easily found in Vietnam. 
Spidey, for instance, now has a lychee head while Captain Vietnam is given a tin of the famous aromatic balm Cao Sao Vang instead of a shield. 

The artist has had three art exhibitions in Hanoi since 2012. 

When in Vietnam: Captain Vietnam with his famous shield - a tin of balm
Iron Man is made from a lighter. 
 This bottle of medicated oil perfectly fits with the Hulk's green skin.
 Wolverine is given a strange Vietnamese name
 With that matche box, Thor's hammer is upgraded with more fire power
Spiderman with his lychee head  
Black Widow with a black fountain pen. 
 The team of superheroes.

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