War correspondents to reunite in Vietnam

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Dozens of western journalists who covered the Vietnam War here are planning to gather in Ho Chi Minh City during the 35th anniversary of the reunification of the country next month.

The group, including legendary journalist Peter Arnett and several other Pulitzer Prize winners, will be interacting with one another at the reunion slated for April 28-30.

They plan to mount a photography exhibit, and hold a memorial dinner as the country celebrates the end of the Vietnam War that saw millions of Vietnamese killed and mutilated.

Most of the old correspondents, photographers, and cameramen are now in their mid-60's and into their 70's, said Carl Robinson, Associated Press (AP) correspondent in Saigon from 1968 to 1975, who is organizing the trip.

"I would say that for us covering the Vietnam War was the most intense experience of our entire lives and had an everlasting effect on our outlook on life itself," Robinson told Thanh Nien Weekly.

Such reunions have been held every five years since 1995, said Robinson, adding that 50-60 people, including friends and families, were expected this year.


"¢ Peter Arnett, Associated Press (AP), Pulitzer Prize 1965, International Reporting

"¢ Horst Faas, AP, Pulitzer Prize 1965 Photography; Pulitzer Prize 1972 Spot News Photography

"¢ Neal Ulevich, AP, Pulitzer Prize 1977 Spot News Photography

"¢ Barry Hillenbrand, Time

"¢ Tim Page, Time photographer

"¢ Don North, ABC News and NBC News

"¢ Ken Wagner, CBS TV

"¢ Jim Laurie, NBC Radio & TV

"¢ Carl Robinson, AP photographer and writer

"¢ Dirck Halstead, UPI, Time photographer

"¢ Russell Burrows, son of Larry Burrows, one of the 20th Century's legendary war photographers

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