Vietnam's "Dancing with the Stars' suffers lip-synch debacle

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Since the third season of Vietnamese version of the reality show "Dancing with the stars" kicked off on March 18, its organizers have been criticized for a scandal involving voice dubbing.


Actress Minh Hang had surprised spectators with her duet with noted Minh Quan on a song from "Phantom of the Opera."


People were impressed with her soprano mellifluousness, as Hang is primarily known for her good looks.


However, Lan Anh was not impressed. The singer who now lectures at the National Music Institute accused Hang of lip-syncing the lyrics. Anh said she had recorded the same song with Minh Quan at his home just previous days ago and that it was her voice audiences heard, not Hang's.


The scandal has caused a public stir. Many people have expressed their disappointment in Hang, Quan and the show's organizer, Cat Tien Sa (CATS) Company.


CATS issued a press release on March 21 admitting that a recording of Anh's voice had been mixed with Hang's live rendition.

CATS also noted that Quan did not let the company or Anh know that her voice would be used.


Quan has apologized to Anh for his action and she has accepted it. However, Anh also mentioned that Quan and Hang should be honest with themselves and their fans whenever they step on stage. 


Quan explained that he just wanted to improve Hang's voice in her first attempt at singing opera. 


Commenting on the gossip, Hang told VnExpress that she had anticipated pressure that goes along with participating in a two-month long reality show, but not the scandal.


In the first official dance performance of the season last Sunday Hang did not perform well, despite her gorgeous sparkling dress.


Also in the first show, emcee Tuan Tu, who is among the eight celebrities competing this year, complained that the organizer changed his dance routine just before the live show was about to air.


Tu said he has considered quitting the show as he feels he was unfairly treated.


The Vietnamese tv series gathers local celebrities of many artistic persuasions and challenges them to perform dance routines such as the cha cha cha, the waltz, the jive, the foxtrot, the rumba, the quickstep and the tango. Contestants are assigned professional foreign dance partners.


The show's ten episodes are scheduled to wrap up on June 10.


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