Vietnamese singer accused of stealing Se7en music video idea

TN News

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A South Korean website has accused a Vietnamese singer for plagiarism, posting stills taken from his recent video clip that share a lot of similartities with a 2006 music video by famous Korean singer Se7en.


According to website Soompi, singer Cao Thai Son's music video Nguoi o lai (the one who stays) is just a Vietnamese version of the single Come Back to Me Part 2 by famous Korean singer Se7en, which was released in 2006.


When asked by the local 24H website about the accusation, Cao Thai Son claimed he was not responsible for the video idea, which was brought up by a partner company that he hired to make music videos.


"All I did was singing and acting," he said. "Now [it's unfair that] I have to take all the blames."


The 26-year-old singeralso claimed that he hadn't heard of Se7en and his music before because Se7en "is not that famous."


In 2009, Cao Thai Son was also accused for copyright infringement when his song Mua thu vang em (Fall without you) was said to sound the same as Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki's song Marionette.




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