Vietnamese singer accused of copying Korean music video

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A South Korean newspaper has accused Vietnamese singer Bao Thy of conceptual plagiarism, posting stills taken from her recent video clip which are similar to those from a 2011 music video by Korean singer HyunA.

According to website Allkpop, which translated the story from the Korean newspaper Sports Chosun into English on June 4, Bao Thy's music video Ngay vang anh (Day without you) is just the latest evidence of the international popularity of HyunA"˜s 'Bubble Pop'.

"Vietnamese singer has been receiving much attention, after copying the concept of HyunA's 'Bubble Pop'," says the article.

"In fact, the only difference between the two scenes are the colors of the SUV in the background, and of course the quality of the production."

Previously, a Chinese artist had allegedly imitated HyunA's "Bubble Pop" as well.

"Bao Thy debuted as a singer after winning a beauty pageant and has been previously criticized for plagiarizing Lee Hyori"˜s '10 Minutes' and 'U Go Girl'," concluded the newspaper.

However, according to many netizens, except the segment which takes place in front of the car, the two videos are completely different. The dance scene is familiar, but dancing in front of a car on the road with the same number of girls with similar scenery is hardly makes HyunA's 'Bubble Pop' unique.

"Though my MV was released few weeks after HyunA's, the choreography in front of the pink SUV had been planed long time ago. Had we founded the car from a show of Vietnam's next top model last year, the dancing scene was recorded," said Bao Thy in an interview with Tuoi Tre Monday.

"That the two MV have the same dancing scene in front of a car is normal, therefore it is exaggerated to say that I copied the concept, there are thousands of video clips in which people dance and sing in front of a vehicle," argued the teenage singer.

The article, however, has raised controversy among netizens, all but creating a war between fans of Thy and HyunA.

Last year, Vietnamese singer Cao Thai Son was also accused by a South Korean website of copyright infringement after his 'Nguoi o lai' (The one who stays) video came out, which was similar to 'Come Back to Me Part 2' by South Korean artist Se7en.

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