Vietnamese music bloomed with Ossso Fusion - The harmony of Asia-Europe in Saint Petersburg

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OSSSO Fusion Musical Experience "Sound of the Nature" - a special Asia - Europe music experience with the unique combination of folk music, light music and symphonic music was first performed abroad in the cultural exchange festival of Vietnam from July 11th 2016 to July 15th 2016 at the cultural capital Saint Petersburg, Russia, which brought the cultural pride of Vietnam to the Russian music lovers.
The Press Conference of OSSSO Fusion Musical Experience - Sound of the Nature in Saint Petersburg 
Within the framework of Vietnamese cultural exchange festival in Russia, OSSSO Fusion Musical Experience was held with the desire to contribute to bring music lovers a new experience of Vietnamese culture through music. OSSSO Fusion music project had gathered the artists, prestigious music experts from Vietnam and around the world to bring an excellent concert with a unique combination of traditional music, light music and symphonic music. This will be a unique spiritual gift to the international audience due to the attraction of Vietnamese traditional music brought by the talented and passionate Vietnamese artists.
 The talented conductor-Marius Stravinsky is leading the symphony orchestra.
OSSSO Fusion Musical Experience brought full of emotion to the audience with a profound experience, let everyone immerse themselves in music, and helped the audience in Russia be closer to Vietnam and Vietnamese people.11 unique melodies and attractive sounds made the Russian audience feel the rise of their emotional underground circuit, then they were sublimated in their own world while listening comfortably to the songs from the streams, or watching the moon away from their homes by sensing some masterpieces: “Đại ngàn xanh”, “Thong dong đỉnh núi”, “Lời ru ban mai”, “Suối hát”, “Ra khơi”, etc.
The show was elaborately staged with visual effects, sound and light, which gave the audience the most vivid and attractive experience in an atmosphere deeply imbued with Vietnamese culture. The wonderful music with a new combination of traditional music, light music and symphonic music brought the harmony. There was no language or cultural barrier, everyone blended as one of a wonderful music space where their hearts could be stirred the deepest emotion.
 The show was a subtle combination of folk music, light music and symphonic music.
With its unique approach and the Asia - Europe harmonization, the show brought the audience in Russia an outstanding experience to let them have a cultural discovery excursion by flying with music. Unforgettably the concert ended with full of emotion and endless applause from everyone. Nataly - an audience shared her true feeling: "Although I have not been to Vietnam yet but after this show-OSSSO Fusion, I feel so vivid just like I was taking a excursion by music, which clearly depicting the beauty of Vietnam and Vietnamese people".

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