Vietnamese landscapes in Japan's katazome paintings

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Japanese painter Toba Mika's latest exhibition on Vietnam the subject that she has pursued for 16 years - will be displayed at the Temple of Literature and the Vietnamese Art Museum in Hanoi until December 25.

The exhibition, entitled "Nara and Hanoi Linking Eternal Capitals" features nearly 100 paintings of Vietnam's landscapes, using a traditional Japanese dyeing technique called katazome, which dates back to the 12th century.

Toba Mika, 49, is a lecturer at the Kyoto Seika Art University in Japan. She came to Vietnam in 1994 after traveling throughout Southern Asia.

Mika was so taken with the diverse cultures, striking landscapes vibrant daily life, she made the country the subject of her work.

The event aims to celebrate Hanoi's 1,000th anniversary and Nara city's 1,300th anniversary.

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