Vietnamese directors to bring acclaimed films to London festival

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Two young Vietnamese directors will bring their critically acclaimed films to the BFI London Film Festival next month, organizers said.
Vu Hoang Diep’s debut feature “Dap canh giua khong trung” (“Flapping in the middle of nowhere”), which had claimed many awards in Italy, France and Switzerland, will join a group of international movies that "take you out of your comfort zone.”
The director said she was surprised that her last-year release was chosen by the festival. 
 A still photo from "Dap canh giua khong trung" (Flapping in the middle of nowhere) directed by Vu Hoang Diep
The 23-minute “Mui huong nuoc mam” (“The scent of fish sauce”) by Trinh Dinh Le Minh will be introduced in the category of "Love and Devotion."
Minh, who studied filmmaking in the US, said fish sauce is the most important condiment and a symbol of Vietnamese cuisine. 
“Employing fish sauce as a symbol of cultural clash and desire, the film depicts how two separate, distinctive cultures can harmonize without compromising the essential aspects of each.”
 Two leading roles in "Mui huong nuoc mam" (The scent of fish sauce) by Trinh Dinh Le Minh
Besides Diep and Minh, Vietnamese-American director Bao Nguyen will have his documentary “Live from New York” screened at the prestigious film fest, in the "Films in Laugh" category
The director, who is now based in Ho Chi Minh City, said his 12 years in New York have given him inspirations for the documentary. 
The annual BFI London Film Festival, which will take place from October 7-18, lists 241 films from 57 countries and territories to be shown in 11 categories.

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