Vietnamese director rejects plagiarism allegations

TN News

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Vietnamese-American director Victor Vu has rejected allegations that his latest feature, Inferno, is a copycat of a Hollywood film released in 1991.

Vu told Thanh Nien he has not seen the American film, Shattered, which many people said was identical to his film.

"Inferno is a story I wrote when I was a student, around 1996," he said. "There are many similar films around the world, and I think this is only a coincidence."

Local movie fans have accused Vu of plagiarizing the plot of Shattered, saying there are too many similarities between the two films.

Both of them tell the story of a man who loses his memory in a traffic accident. As the plot develops, the main character discovers a shocking truth about his past.

Inferno, released in Vietnam last month, was hailed by many local newspapers as a work that has changed filmaking in Vietnam with its new style of storytelling and great visuals.

The film is playing in Vietnamese theaters.

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