Vietnamese cake sets an Asian record

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Royal Phoenix Bean Cake

A 6.8-meter long, 4.2-meter wide cake made by two Vietnamese culinary artists was officially named as an Asian record in the creativity category by the India-based Asia Book of Records organization on Tuesday.

Phuong hoang vu (Royal Phoenix Bean Cake) was prepared by Ton Nu Thi Ha and her daughter Phan Ton Tinh Hai with the assistance of 18 people over three months.

The cake, in the form of a dancing phoenix one of the four sacred animals in Vietnamese folklore, was made with various ingredients including rice flour, mung beans and vegetables.

Three and a half tons of coal were used for baking it, local reports said, claiming that the cake was the first and largest ever cake of its kind in the world.

The ingredients and cooking method were in strict confirmation with quality requirements of the Hue Imperial Palace, they said.

The two artists said the cake expresses their hope to preserve the culinary art of the royal palace.

The Asia Book of Records is an organization established by a group of world record holders to help Asian people present their achievements to the world, according to the organization's official website.

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