Vietnamese Buddhist heritages on display in Hanoi

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About 200 documents and artifacts related to the development of Buddhism in Vietnam since it was introduced around 1,000 years ago until the year 1945 are on display at the Vietnam National Museum of History in Hanoi.

The artifacts includes pictures and statues of Buddha, bronze bells, stupa models, photos of decoration patterns of pagodas and stupas, ritual tools such as candlesticks and censer, music instruments, horizontal lacquered boards, wooden gongs and bells, and woodblock for printing Buddhist scriptures.

Vu Quoc Hien, deputy director of the Vietnam National Museum of History, said the exhibition gives visitor a more truthful view of the history of Buddhism in Vietnam

The Buddha statues and most of the objects in some well-known pagodas in Vietnam have been repaired and re-painted with to make them look new and more "beautiful," which make them lose the originality.

The exhibition is held until August. The Vietnam National Museum of History at 25, Tong Dan Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

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