Vietnamese Ao dai shines in Lorient

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Three famous Vietnamese designers will add more colors to the "Vietnam Month" event this May in Lorient city, France by presenting 120 designs of the country's traditional dress Ao dai.

Designers Minh Hanh, Trong Nguyen, Viet Lien will introduce their Ao dai collections on May 7th at Hotel Gabriel and May 14th at Parvis Grand Theater.

While Trong Nguyen took his inspiration from the image of phoenix in his Ao dai collections, Viet Lien tried the strong and contrast colors with traditional embroideries, and Minh Hanh selected dark colors with traditional and rare materials adorned by handcrafted details.

The designers expected their ao dais to introduce the message of the Vietnamese culture's eternal beauty to French audience.

Besides the Ao dai presentations, other activities will include seminars and talks on history, culture and especially tourism potentials of Vietnam; photo exhibitions, arts programs, Vietnamese film shows, and Vietnamese cuisine.

The event will be from May 5th to 27th and will revolve in two topics: "From Lorient to the Orient" and "Children, here and there."

Lorient chooses Vietnam as an honor guest this year because there has been a long-term exchanging tradition between the two countries.

"The Vietnam Month" event in French this year hopes to deeply introduce Vietnam to France and also tighten the friendship between Vietnam and France, according to organizers.

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