Vietnamese anchor caught calling names on live TV

TN News

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A finance and business news anchor for Vietnam Television has apologized after being caught insulting other people during a news broadcast Wednesday on the national network.

Le Binh was hosting a morning news program which had a live interview segment between another correspondent and a special guest in the US, local media reported.

After the interview segment ended, Binh thanked both the guest and her colleague and started introducing another story.

The broadcast, however, was switched into split-screen format, showing both Binh in her newsroom and the correspondent in the US. As the latter thought he was still on air, he started interviewing his guest again.

Binh, who did not realize she could be seen and heard by viewers at home, turned angry and said: "This bunch of crazies."

The anchor apologized publicly for the incident a day later, blaming its on stress and lack of experience.

The incident has caught public attention, generating debates in the local blogosphere. Many people said Binh should be forgiven while others criticized her and even called for Vietnam Television to remove her from the anchor position.

In an interview published on news website VTC News, Binh said she had been asked by her superiors to learn from the incident.

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