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Vietnamese actress Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc has won the Favorite International Actress award at the China Golden Rooster Awards 2011 held Oct 18-23, for her role in Canh dong bat tan (Floating Lives).

Director Nguyen Huu Phan was quoted by the Vietnamplus newswire as saying, Lan Ngoc got the award for her role as heroine Nuong in the movie adapted from writer Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tu's best selling short story "Boundless Field."  It won the best short story prize from the Vietnam Writer's Association in 2007 and, more recently, the ASEAN Literature Award.

The 2010 film, directed by Nguyen Phan Quang Binh, portrays the harsh life of Mekong Delta farmers, confronting the brutality of both nature and man.

It is the story of Vo and his children, son Dien and daughter Nuong, who growing up, looks more and more like her adulterous mother.

While the father takes revenge by abusing all women who fall in love with him, and gives went to his bitterness caused by the wife's betrayal with his coldness toward the son and the daughter, Nuong chooses the "forgiving way," deciding to raise a child she bears as a result of rape, naming it Thuong (love). She wants to teach her child how to "forgive the mistakes that adults make."

A review on website this April notes that the family's healing begins only when the children rescue Suong, a prostitute, from being beaten by a mob of outraged women, and in spite of their father, take her into their life in a nomadic boat and form a surrogate family around her. "Suong's physical and spiritual healing allows the children, and the father, to have their own reconciliation with love.


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The Hollywood Reporter's Maggie Lee in an article last October, commented that Floating Lives is "A sensuous and timeless film on love, loss and yearning... A sensual experience of breathtaking scenery that also reflects the story's shifting moods, the film's constantly gentle flowing movement, like the Mekong River that is the soul of the story, as well as a metaphor for the characters' lives."

Previously, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, 21, won the Best Actress award at Golden Kite 2011.

She graduted from the HCMC University of Cinema and Stage in 2010.

The Golden Rooster Awards are the most prestigious awards in film given in mainland China. The awards have been given annually, beginning in 1981.

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